Frequently Asked Questions

Online raffles rely on technology for the selling of tickets, winner selection, and prize distribution. Common raffles, such as the 50/50, are frequently used to collect cash for charitable organizations. People are given digitally numbered tickets with a chance to win a monetary reward. Winnings are generally calculated as a proportion of the total cash raised through ticket sales. The leftover funds are donated to the event’s non-profit or charity organizer. One of the most appealing aspects of online charity raffles is that contributors have the opportunity to win money while also helping a good cause.

50/50 raffles are a fast, simple, and exciting method to generate funds for a good cause. An online 50/50 is a fundraising idea similar to a conventional raffle, except instead of a predetermined reward, the non-profit or charity equally divides the money raised from the sale of tickets with the winner. There is usually no entry fee, and contributors have a chance to win huge quantities of money, which makes 50/50 draws highly enticing.

A traditional raffle entails the selling of actual tickets on-site and lasts for a few hours during an event. On the other hand, an online raffle is performed remotely by creating a dedicated webpage and accepting online payments for ticket purchases. Online raffles might last a single day, weeks, or months, giving the organization a lot more time and chance to generate cash.

Raffles are often only granted to licensed non-profit organizations and charities. Schools, churches, hospitals, and other similar institutions may also be eligible. Provincial or state gaming authorities set the rules and qualifying criteria. A registered charity or non-profit organization can apply for an online gaming license with their province or state gaming authority. Jump Fundraising Solutions can assist you with the licensing process. To learn more, please contact our team right now.

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