What It Costs

We value responsibility and keeping it straightforward here in Jump Fundraising Solutions. As a result, our price is entirely dependent on performance. When your initiative succeeds, we succeed as well. More importantly, the initial fees are low, ensuring that we remain focused on the success of your initiatives.

The Jump 50/50 Program

A Simple Fundraising Program That Benefits Everyone

The 50/50 Raffle is one of the most simple revenue boosters you’ll find.

Similar to a traditional raffle, only instead of a prize, the organization divides the revenues with the winner. They also have a chance to win a lot more money, which is quite enticing.

After the end of your campaign, a winner is chosen and given half of the entire prize pool. The size of the pot may have a significant impact on one’s life. Of course, your charitable organization keeps the remaining 50%.

The greatest 50/50 programs are those that run every month to take advantage of the program’s momentum-building nature, with each subsequent program typically outperforming its predecessor.

A Self Sustaining Campaign

Any charity can benefit from the Jump 50/50 Program. You don’t need a large sum of money to get started. After you’ve completed your first program, you can utilize a portion of the revenues to fund the next. After the first two or three rounds, the majority of our 50/50s become self-sufficient. 

An advantage of holding a 50/50 raffle for your campaign is that you get a great return on investment. For a small cost and minimal effort, you get guaranteed income as well as a means to get everyone involved in supporting your cause.

The Jump Sweepstakes Program

A Sweepstakes Program That Achieves Results

The Jump Sweepstakes remains as the only nationwide charitable gaming program. Sweepstakes, which are legal in all 50 US states and most Canadian provinces, may help your fundraising campaign reach millions of people.

With the help of Jump Fundraising Solutions, your sweepstakes can be designed to have most effect and the best outcomes.

A Management of Sweepstakes to Increase Consumer Recruitment and Recognition

Because of their adaptability, sweepstakes remain one of the most popular ways to acquire important first-party data and opt-ins. While the basic structure remains the same, participants register for a chance to win, with one or more winners chosen at random at any time during or after the campaign, such programs may be modified by Jump to fit a range of marketing objectives and promotion requirements that your organization requires.

An instant win game or other promotion type, such as a contest or instant win, can be used into a sweepstakes marketing plan to enhance participation and encourage repeat engagement. With a number of sweepstakes forms to select from, including social hashtags, mobile app stakes, and text-to-enter promos, you can connect the experience across media channels.

The Jump Merchandise Fundraising Program

A Solution Built With The Donor Experience In Mind

Merchandise fundraising can be a fantastic method to generate funds while simultaneously boosting your nonprofit’s public visibility. 

Your organization will receive a sales commission when supporters purchase merchandise that is part of your fundraising program. When they wear the merchandise, it will assist to raise your organization’s name recognition and awareness, as well as encourage new individuals to learn more about its activities and perhaps become supporters.

A Custom Merchandise Fundraising Made Easy

When you work with Jump, fundraising becomes a breeze. This is because we offer a large variety of high quality gear, merchandise, and more that you can personalize with your team, school, or organization’s logo and colors. The greatest feature is that you will receive a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of your unique products. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to your organization to help you raise funds for your cause,

You may establish an online store in three easy steps with the aid of Jump. Simply send your logo and colors, select the items you wish to sell, and submit your store request.

Jump can produce high-quality products in-house, including screen printing, embroidery, engraving, and other services. You’ll receive your own personalized web store, complete with production, fulfillment, and shipping services, when you work with us. We even provide custom T-shirts and clothing, allowing you to create your own shirt designs that reflect your group’s personality.

Program Costs and Fees

Offering one of the most competitive pricing available in the market, Jump Fundraising Solutions programs are purposefully intended to guarantee that our objectives are constantly aligned and that your organization receives the highest net sales, as well as exceptional support and service.  

Any of Jump’s programs generally comes with three different types of costs:

Jump fees

Jump Fundraising Solutions charges a percentage of gross ticket sales or a flat charge per ticket sold, depending on your state. All ticket sales profits are sent straight into your account, and our fees are paid only after the program has been concluded.

Marketing & Licensing Costs

In order to jumpstart your fundraising program, you will have to invest in digital advertising. Depending on your current marketing campaigns, the rate could be lower or higher. Additionally, your local state will charge you a fee to get a license to operate a raffle. This fee is billed to you by your state, not by Jump. Given this, Jump will make sure to go through all of these fees and details with you, since these costs vary depending on a lot of aspects.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Jump will arrange your fundraising campaign with a payment gateway that is suitable and authorized to handle raffle-based payments, ensuring that all transactions are appropriately risk-managed and that the customer experience is as seamless as possible. Your donor will be able to purchase tickets with any standard credit card at a low cost to you.

The Jump Commitment

Jump will ensure that every aspect will be considered in order to be able to offer a fantastic program for you. Prior to beginning any program, all fees related to your individual campaign will be outlined and agreed upon in a contract. As you would expect from any partner, we will always be completely upfront about all fees. All of our programs are meant to be consistent and repeatable, so after you’ve gotten through the first few, you can count on a continuous stream of income.