What It Costs

We value responsibility and keeping it straightforward here in Jump Fundraising Solutions. As a result, our price is entirely dependent on performance. When your initiative succeeds, we succeed as well. More importantly, the initial fees are low, ensuring that we remain focused on the success of your initiatives.

Program Costs and Fees

Offering one of the most competitive pricing available in the market, Jump Fundraising Solutions programs are purposefully intended to guarantee that our objectives are constantly aligned and that your organization receives the highest net sales, as well as exceptional support and service.  

Any of Jump’s programs generally comes with three different types of costs:

Jump fees

Jump Fundraising Solutions charges a percentage of gross ticket sales or a flat charge per ticket sold, depending on your state. All ticket sales profits are sent straight into your account, and our fees are paid only after the program has been concluded.

Marketing & Licensing Costs

In order to jumpstart your fundraising program, you will have to invest in digital advertising. Depending on your current marketing campaigns, the rate could be lower or higher. Additionally, your local state will charge you a fee to get a license to operate a raffle. This fee is billed to you by your state, not by Jump. Given this, Jump will make sure to go through all of these fees and details with you, since these costs vary depending on a lot of aspects.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Jump will arrange your fundraising campaign with a payment gateway that is suitable and authorized to handle raffle-based payments, ensuring that all transactions are appropriately risk-managed and that the customer experience is as seamless as possible. Your donor will be able to purchase tickets with any standard credit card at a low cost to you.

The Jump Commitment

Jump will ensure that every aspect will be considered in order to be able to offer a fantastic program for you. Prior to beginning any program, all fees related to your individual campaign will be outlined and agreed upon in a contract. As you would expect from any partner, we will always be completely upfront about all fees. All of our programs are meant to be consistent and repeatable, so after you’ve gotten through the first few, you can count on a continuous stream of income.