Jump In and Take Your Online Raffle and Lottery Programs to the Next Level

Jump Fundraising Solutions has collaborated with several institutions, charities, and nonprofit organizations to create one of the world’s most prominent online 50/50 and lottery-based fundraising initiatives.

Expand Your Donor Base Reach

Our gaming-based fundraising initiatives produce some of the most strong and efficient ways to drive your reach and grow your donor database, thanks to Jump Fundraising Solutions’ prize appeal to attract new audiences, its capacity to connect donors across your entire state, and its ability to run unceasingly across its online platforms.

Generate A Reliable Revenue Stream

By incorporating any of the Jump programs into your fundraising strategy, you’ll be able to generate recurring monthly rewards that continue to increase. Our initiatives, which pay out monthly and weekly, deliver a constant stream of “Winner!” announcements to keep our players interested, allowing them to feel close to the action, and as if they may be selected next.

Establish Donor Relationships

Our initiatives give you organic possibilities to communicate encouraging news with your donor network through any platform you prefer, digital or not. It’s an opportunity for your community to win as you win, from pot-watching to displaying recipients getting life-changing cash awards.

Top-notch Online Experience

We already know that online fundraising is the way of the future. As a result, every Jump program is built to provide a complete online experience, from a dedicated website to integrated card transactions to electronic ticket delivery.

Our cutting-edge technology is equipped to accommodate millions of transactions in real time and is compatible with all devices. To assist you in optimizing your return on investment, our unique back-end technology delivers comprehensive program analytics and insights on new and repeat purchases and purchasers.

A Collaborative Partnership

Collaborate with Jump Fundraising Solutions for a robust partnership, or allow us to handle the full program for you. Every Jump customer is allocated a dedicated agent that works with you to plan and manage every step toward success, regardless of which option you pick. Our global team and cutting-edge technology are here to help you, your objectives, and your success, from licensing to program design to campaign analytics and optimization.

The Jump Difference

Jump Fundraising Solutions is dedicated to advancing philanthropy innovation. We use data to guide our software development and produce donor research and industry benchmark studies to assist organizations improve their fundraising approach.

Our team has extensive expertise in all aspects of the nonprofit industry. We provide our customers with an unrivaled capital campaign and capacity-building experience. We ensure that our customers’ fundraising efforts, from yearly appeals to planned giving to capital campaigns, constantly surpass expectations because of our distinctive and hands-on approach.

Jump Fundraising Solutions is designed to meet the requirements of nonprofits like yours. It is straightforward, it’s simple to use, and adaptable to fit any budget. You save time and money by gaining unrivaled insight with proprietary charitable data intelligence and analytics. 

With the help of Jump Fundraising Solutions, your organization will be able to:



50/50 Program

A Simple Fundraising Program That Benefits Everyone


Sweepstakes Program

A Sweepstakes Program That Achieves Results


Merchandise Program

A Solution Built With The Donor Experience In Mind